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  • Clear span tent is the most commonly used tent. It can be easily decorated inside to suit for different functions, such as church, wedding party, event, exhibition, warehouse, and etc.
    Clear span tent
  • Small pagoda tents are with various specifications from 3x3m to 10x10m to meet different outdoor space requirements. Comparing to the big tent, it is more flexible on size and elegant on looking.
    Pagoda tent
  • High peak tent is a new design on clear span tent. It’s commonly used on wedding events because of its nice looking shape.
    High peak tent
  • Arcum tent is usually used for events use. For some people, Its roof line shape and good-looking structure makes it different with the conventional event tent.
    Arcum tent
  • Curve tent is more suitable for some occasions that needs higher height, such as tennis court.
    Curve tent
  • This tent is with high height. Its shape and height is perfect for different sports functions. This is a commercial solution when a temporary outdoor sports area is needed.
    Polygonal tent
  • How to make your events area unique and special in a limited space? This multi-side tent will be extremely useful for this kind of functions. Decorated with glass hard walls, people will be highly impressed by this tent.
    Multi-side tent
  • Special shape tent is designed for some special events or some people that needs to customize the tent.
    Special shape tent
  • Meister yurt tent is with bamboo and aluminum structure, 4 layers fabric covers. The outer cover can be changed or cleaned after years. The yurt can be used over 15 years in proper use.