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LRT asylum advantage of a large tent
Friday 24th April 2015

   1.LRT large tent in the longitudinal direction can be extended indefinitely, simply increase the force main rigid frame, with a simple connection to contact the rod, which can accommodate more victims, more flexible spatial arrangement, and the existing 12 m2 of refuge not extend tent can hold up to four people at the same time asylum. But given the fire and evacuation planning and other aspects of the requirements, we do not recommend tent over six across, as must be over six cross to the other additional evacuation outlet.
    2.LRT large tent structure is stable and strong rigidity, the cross section is 80 mm × 80 mm Thickness 2 mm square steel thin-walled, so large deformation does not occur in normal use of the strong wind and rain effects, safety can be guaranteed.
    3.LRT large tent so the use of the larger variety of powerful, not only can be used as a refuge shelter can also be applied to other related areas, such as temporary classrooms, temporary storage room, temporary hospitals, temporary cafeteria and so on.
     4.LRT large tent comfort than ordinary tents, prefabricated houses, etc. below the residence of the asylum, but obviously because of the economic indicators, the cost per square meter and per capita share of the costs are lower than the existing refuge shelter, so in other comprehensive comparison of asylum residence or dominant.