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What issues need attention when buying tents?
Friday 24th April 2015

1. What is the tents and the tents of origin, use of (exhibition storage)

2, tents, to the mobile environment, widely used in all kinds of events, tents removable flexible, convenient transportation, nice. Tents of Use: mainly for industrial warehousing, logistics distribution, a variety of outdoor exhibitions, sporting events, tourism and leisure, business meetings, outdoor weddings, celebrations, business promotion, military use as well as disaster relief and other temporary events.

3, canopy listings in Europe, which is different from ordinary tent equivalent to a temporary building, safe and reliable performance. For different types of venues can be fast and flexible structures, which have easy accessibility, convenient transport, portfolio diversification and so on. Canopy room empty any extra beams, space utilization rate of 100%, through your carefully planned, more imaginative use of space, tents enhanced possibilities for outdoor activities, to enhance the activity of the new concept. Tents have been very popular in the leasing industry in developed western countries, tents very mature product, and have the perfect tent ancillary facilities and other ancillary services, has formed a complete industrial.
4, the purchase of tents matters need attention include:
According to the specifications of the events to determine the canopy material, hold a high-profile events of the tents of high quality and safety requirements on the use of aluminum PVC tents, good quality, the price is the most expensive, affordable steel aluminum canopy, perfect for shopping festival, the sale will be for tents and other less demanding activities. Tents span from 3 meters to 65 meters, according to the site to select the span and length.