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Several problems tent rental industry need to pay attention
Friday 24th April 2015

    Tent rental is an emerging industry, because it ensures the official events or public events can be held without being effected by weather factors in an ideal place, while on the conduct of exit and entry control. Several key factor in the success of the tent rental process plays an important role, these factors include tents personnel, planning ability unforeseen circumstances and rent tents durability.
1, build staff
    All tent rental company should be equipped to build a team capable staff, they can set up their own company of any size tents, small gatherings with a small folding tent to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people to accommodate large tents, so that you can Tent ensure proper and safe installation, you can also reduce the build process of the canopy damage caused. Although this increases the overall cost, but in the long run is worth it, because it not only prevents the company prematurely to buy new tents so that the company can save money for the company to save some of the tents to prevent the collapse of investment premiums .
2. Routine maintenance
    Tent immediately after use need regular inspection and maintenance, check whether there tarp break or tear, cleaning bird droppings fall tarpaulin or other surface dirt. Tent appearance will participate in the activities of the guests have a great emotional impact, and thus have an impact on leasing customers. Break tarp on will not only affect the structural strength unsafe, but also let the rain or birds into the tent room, affecting normal activities. Even if only a little dirty tents should be cleaned, but also to repair the breach as soon as possible.
3. The field staff
    Tent rental service package should also include on-site staff to ensure that the room will not be too crowded canopy, or canopy during stormy weather to ensure safe room personnel. This will also increase the overall lease costs, but will reduce the chance of injury resulting in danger, thereby avoiding the Company therefore be prosecuted.