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Temporary tent rental for short-term storage for SMEs
Friday 24th April 2015

Tents, to the mobile environment, widely used for various events. Tents removable flexible, convenient transportation, nice. Mainly for industrial warehousing, logistics distribution, a variety of outdoor exhibitions, sporting events, tourism and leisure, business meetings, celebrations, business promotion, military use as well as disaster relief and other temporary events.
Currently tents have been widely used in various industries. Temporary and semi-permanent structures for industrial purposes, the biggest feature is the time to build a fast, ready to demolition, it is in urgent need of industrial and warehouse space for small and medium enterprises in the short term.
In China, many companies can only use permanent storage facilities, generally it takes 14 months to complete the construction. For a short time the company much-needed warehouse, warehouse completion time is required is a big problem. And in this very tent industrial advantages, the system standard modular tents the fastest in a day can build a good company you can always expand the area to meet the storage needs. In addition, industrial tents lease greater flexibility in the short term is usually one month to two years, the company may need to adjust itself according to the length of the lease term.